Thursday, November 18, 2010

There is a very popular set of advertisements from the cell-phone/internet company Softbank called "The White Dog Family." In these ads, a white dog plays the father in a family of humans. The best part? The dog is voiced by an actor who is famous for samurai dramas.

Yesterday, while rummaging through the remnants of my predecessor's desk, I found Softbank's mascot: The White Dog. The stuffed animal walks AND talks. It even has a cell-phone strap!

The teachers LOVE my new paperweight. Several of them have seen it, then shrieked, "Otousan!" (father) This is how I gain respect in my office. I put cute things on my desk.

Side Note: Here is a link to a "White Dog Family" commercial:


  1. The dog is cute, but what a bizarre family! How did the guy end up part of the family? He certainly does not look Japanese! And he is part of the White Family, very funny.

  2. I watched the commercial on the link. I also clicked around and saw the Softbank Dog Diet commercial. Hilarious.

  3. P.S. I want an otousan dog doll...

  4. I will actually do my best to get you one!