Monday, November 15, 2010


There is a set of 5 or 6 bulletin boards outside the teacher's office. To cover this expansive space, someone has put up posters advertising events no one cares about (meaning: they have nothing to do with the school OR this community). These posters don't even cover the space adequately. I could take all of them and fit them on ONE bulletin I did just that. hehe.

Storm and I got permission to create our very first cultural corner at the school. It started out as one bulletin board, but we quickly began expropriating more and more space. We split our first board in half so we could each work on our own projects.

Because it's November, my side's theme was "Thanksgiving." I basically printed the "myth" of Thanksgiving in sections and accompanied the narrative with cute pictures.

The biggest pain in the ass is the Computer teacher. He is the keeper of the color copier. The color copier is seriously kept in his office on the third floor. He is also incredibly elusive. I can only find him in his classroom DURING class, he's never down in the teacher's office, and his office is always locked. I have no idea where he hides when he's not teaching. The bulletin board would have been constructed sooner, but the knight of the color printer was out slaying viruses or hating on macs.

Storm's bulletin board is a profile of all the ALTs at our school. In addition to Storm and I, two other ALTs visit once a week. We filled out a questionnaire for Storm and even provided pictures. Items on her board:
1. maps of our respective countries
2. joke of the day
3. ALT profiles
4. Nara scholarship information

For a first try, our boards look damn good. We have already reserved the boards next to ours for December. I will do one for Hanukkah and Storm will do one for Christmas.


  1. Thanks for a better look at your bulletin board. Excellent job! Great graphics! Can't wait for Hannukah!

  2. You need bulletin board paper and border, then it will be the best!