Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Making a List

This is a list of things I should do in order to make my life more comfortable in Japan:

1. Get a wireless router so I stop tripping over the wires running through my living room

2. Build my dresser so I don't use my drying rack and luggage as storage


4. Take all my predecessor's shit out of the kitchen cabinets and put it in an empty closet (because trashing the stuff is a pain in the ass and costly)

5. Get rid of all the cardboard boxes stacked up in my "bedroom" (storage room)

6. Buy a fitted sheet for my bed, instead of sleeping on top of another comforter

7. Find a permanent solution to my headboard problem (right now, I've been using my futon as a headboard for my bed)

8. Buy more cups, plates, and silverware

9. Buy a better drying rack for dishes

10. Buy better washcloths (the ones I have now are terrible)

This post shall be updated when I think of more stuff I should be doing...