Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A story from a Friend

When my fellow JET told me this story, I decided it was worth sharing:

Sensei: "So Jooji san, next week you will go to the kindergarten with the first years in order to promote population growth"

Nara JET: "Heh?"

Sensei: "The government says if the students enjoy playing with the kids, they may want to reproduce more"

Nara JET: "Why not just give students free wine? That'd solve everything."

Sensei: "Good idea, but I think they might prefer...er...shochu." (distilled sake)

Nara JET: "I doubt the flavor's the biggest problem but sure, let's get on it."


  1. I totally don't get it? Happy Channukah! See you in 15 days!!! Lots of brisket and latkes are waiting for you!

  2. The government wants to send some junior high kids to play with kindergarteners. Maybe the junior high kids will like playing with them so much, they will want to have kids of their own, thereby fixing the declining birth rate in this country.