Thursday, July 1, 2010

The stress of this mess

So after an exhausting, stress-inducing nightmare about my pred (now known as B) trying to "extort" money from me, answers have finally trickled in. B wanted me to reimburse him partially for a deposit that he is not getting back. My first thought? "Hell no. It's not my fault you trashed the place or were placed in a shitty situation when you first arrived. I'm not giving you a dime until you clarify what's really going on!"

The truth is that the school actually struck a deal with the apartment's owner.

The real deal: I will be exempt from paying the 50,000 key money, if B allows his deposit to stay on the contract (which he agreed to do). B paid 150,000 yen deposit and has agreed to not take it back so I don't have to pay it. There is a catch, of course. B would like a partial reimbursement for the sacrifice he made. He's asking for 2/3rds, or 100,000 yen, so he doesn't have to lose everything.

This sounds like a fair deal to me, but I will weigh my options:
A: Take B's deal and only pay 100,000 yen or
B: Deny him and pay the full 150,000 yen for the deposit and 50,000 yen for the key money.

I think I'll take the former on this one.

This whole ordeal isn't quite over yet. I've asked B to give me the supervisor's email address so I can confirm everything B has told me. If the school really is in on this deal and it's completely legit, then everything should be fine and B will get his due. If B is lying, then I shall summon an emissary from the abyss to drown him in the waters of Lake Biwa.

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