Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ladies and Gentlemen, I told a joke that made the entire office lose their $H#T!

Kumo otoko wa don na aji desu ka?
(What does a spider taste like?)

Supai da!
(Japanese word for sour, also sounds a hell of a lot like the English word "Spider."

I am now beloved.


  1. Josh is funny in two languages!

  2. Seriously, the teachers loved the joke. Storm (the other ALT, remember X-men names from now on), told me that after I left the office, the teachers continued to laugh and pass on the joke to others.

  3. I told the corny-as-hell kitsune joke from Tokyo orientation and nearly killed all the important people from the BoE who attended my birthday party. One guy had to leave the room he was laughing so hard. I'll be stealing this lame joke now as well! :) They love 'em here!

  4. I've told the fox one. Everyone ended up making fun of me for saying it.

    BTW, I stole your X-men names idea. Using letters for names was confusing my family.