Monday, October 25, 2010

Elementary Visit PART 2

I returned to the elementary school on Friday to help the teachers with their English conversation lessons. I helped teach two classes. Elementary schools use a textbook called "Eigo Noto," or "English Notes." This book is awful and hilarious. Rather than contribute my own commentary on Eigo Noto, I'm going to use someone else's work.

The following video was made by manipulating the audio tracks from the Eigo Noto CD (a cd that we used to teach grade school level English in Japan). Someone made an adult instructional video out of it. This video, surprisingly, won first place in the Fukuyama Film Festival 2010.

In my class, we used the audio from "Lesson 1." Watch it, enjoy it, and laugh heartily.

I tried embedding the video, but Blogger keeps cutting off the screen so here is the direct link to youtube:


  1. The video is hilarious, they deserved the win! To be fair to Eigo Noto, all foreign language books are probably like that.

    Think about learning spanish, what did you learn to say? Me llamo Joshua, me gusta helado, yo soy bradenton.

    Elementary students in America also put up with those kind of songs and statements. (Sullivan? Shirley English? The Body Rock?)

  2. 1. Yo soy Bradenton = I am Bradenton

    2. I am not defending American Foreign Language books, I am merely attacking the Japanese ones :)

  3. Oops, I meant Soy de Bradenton.

    I didn't say you were defending other foreign language books. I just feel bad that the Japanese are being picked on for something that all countries are guilty of.