Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Opening Ceremony

Today is the first day of school. Today is the opening ceremony! All the students are gathered in the sauna..err..I mean gym, and forced to listen to many speeches, including mine. C and I were herded onto the stage, and one at a time, we each gave a small introduction to the students. When we finished, a student representative made a small speech welcoming us to the school. The students were then told to stand up...and BOW TO US! Yes, 1000 students bowed to me. Only in Japan. Because the rest of the ceremony is in Japanese, my supervisor told me I didn't have to stay...so here I am typing typing about what just happened.

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  1. I try to post but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't! I glad everyone recognized your value and bowed to you. We have been doing it for years. Love you, miss you and Happy Birthday.