Monday, August 16, 2010

Kyoto blues

Daimonji blows. Daimonji is an event held once a year in Kyoto where they burn gigantic kanji effigies on the 5 mountains of Kyoto. I got a group together to watch them light the kanji last night. We arrived at the best viewing place an hour before it was supposed to start. It was packed!!! We were forced to sit on the slope of a hill, which hurt my ass and feet, below the tree line so we could barely see the kanji. Turns out, it's impossible to see all 5 kanji at once, so I was only able to see 2. It's just not impressive. It's not worth the train fare to Kyoto. To top it all off, the way back to the trains was like a crowded marketplace in India. Wall-to-Wall people trying to get home. I did manage to have a fun dinner of Okonomiyaki, so maybe the night wasn't a total waste.


  1. Sounds like our adventure on 4th of July in Washington D.C.

  2. Except that fireworks are way cooler than the kanji burning...

  3. I meant the end where we walked all the way to Roslyn and still dealt with crowds.