Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Forms, Forms, Forms

I got a call from the FBI the other day. Apparently my plan to circumvent the system was a success! I contacted my congressman to help expedite my FBI background because apparently they can NOW take up to 15 weeks to process! Thanks to good 'ol Vern Buchanan, my FBI forms should be coming in sometime this week!

Form 6166 came in the mail yesterday from the IRS. They sent me 6 copies instead of the 3 I requested. What will I do with the other 3? Paper airplanes, plain and simple.

As a last note, I was contacted by the travel agency in charge of booking my flight to Tokyo. I filled out the correct forms, sent them back via email, and now I await the magical 17 hour sojourn to the land of Del Lago and Samurai.
-Fun Fact: The man from the travel agency is Japanese and he finished his email by saying "Thank you for your corporation." I haven't even gone public yet.

P.S. I still haven't heard from my CO or Pred.

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