Monday, February 7, 2011

Ramen Challenge

"Some men dream of money, others strive for glory, and still others seek only to go to bed with a full stomach. It is rare that those of all these pursuits can strive toward the same common and seemingly unachievable goal. Not only does such a challenge exist here in Nara, but some would say it is the greatest challenge we might ever hope to rise to meet in our otherwise banal and meaningless existence. I speak, of course, of the... Ramen Challenge.

Oyodo’s very own Rai Rai Han Ten Chinese Restaurant has a standing challenge that YOU can’t finish a gut-bustlingly obscene amount of ramen in the allotted time. Don’t let them insult your gastric prowess; they would tarnish your pride and your family’s honor. The rules are simple: you must eat the biggest bowl of ramen you have ever seen. Once you sit down you may not stand up until you admit defeat or ingest everything in the bowl (noodles AND soup). If you throw up you are disqualified. You may not add ice or water to the ramen in an effort to cool it down (though you may keep ice in your mouth while you eat your ramen). If you finish in 30 minutes your meal is free and your picture will be immortalized on the Wall of Glory with all those others who have stood up to the challenge and lived. If you finish in under 20 minutes you will also receive 3000 yen."

8 Nara JETs challenged (including me). 8 Nara JETs failed. Enough said.


  1. When you say failed, how bad?

  2. I think I barely got through the half of it. It wasn't very good ramen. The noodles were sticking together. The noodles were hard and overcooked. They put too much bean sprout in it too. It's alright though. The moment the bowl came out, I thought, "Yeah, this ain't happening."

  3. As long as you didn't thow up you are a winner! you really are an adventurer, pasticipating in all of the activities. Keep up the good work and have fun.