Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Foreign least to me.

I played Rugby for the first time last Sunday. This sport goes against all my American instincts.

Me: Excuse me sir. How do we make progress on the field?

Douchebag: Oh, once you have the ball you can run forward.

Me: Oh good. I am a big guy, so I will be difficult to stop.

Douchebag: Actually, we play touch rugby. When someone touches you, you must put the ball on the ground.

Me: You mean like a tap?

Douchebag: Ya, all they have to do is lay a finger on you.

Me: Oh ok, well at least I can throw the ball to someone else before I get touched.

Douchebag: Well ya, but you can only throw backward.


Every time I got the ball and I threw my weight behind my run, someone effing tapped me and I had to stop. I hate this aspect because I can never make enough progress. I fight my American Football instincts not to throw forward.

I can't throw forward and NO ONE runs for more than 2-3 secs before getting touched (unless they miraculously get a break away).

Seriously though, this game is completely backwards to me, but is really, really fun. I actually enjoyed myself at the practice. Rugby isn't as exhausting either, unlike Ultimate Frisbee. The tournaments for Rugby are next year, but some wanted to start the practices now before the winter rolls in and everyone begins their hibernation.

I am not sold on Ultimate Frisbee. Way to much running and a tremendous amount of pressure on those who are slow (like me), can't throw a Frisbee well (like me), and have shitty endurance (like me). The Ultimate tournaments are in the Fall, so I may join anyway just to burn time.


  1. Rugby is really a rough sport when played according to the rules of tackling football. Glad you are are becoming a sportsman! Haven't sent your Bubbe boax yet but your mother and I will get to it soon. Have an easy fast for Kol Nidre and Yom Kippor. Love your blogs. keep it up.

  2. I know, but it really is a pain to start sprinting and then almost immediately, stop sprinting.